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Work Healing

Rebuild, Recharge, Renew 

Work Healing is for individuals let go via a layoff or acquisition or those craving a career change or renewal. A time to establish your identity and values as separate from work while also moving to the next step in your career.

Working together

Why work healing?

I suffered from burnout after a decade in the tech industry. I needed to process what was harmful to me, heal, and forgive a past version of myself. Traditional therapy and career coaches helped, but I wished they intertwined more. So, I created the mix of reflection, coaching, and counseling I needed.

Who is work healing for?

Work may feel aimless, stressful, and overwhelming. Work Healing sessions help you shed the burden, learn from your feelings, and authentically move forward. As a result, individuals leave sessions feeling more connected to their intuition, confidence, and creative spirit. 


Companies can bring Work Healing into their companies before layoffs or acquisitions to support individuals as they reclaim their careers or to support individuals remaining at the company that may harbor their fears and frustrations.





My values

Honoring and cultivating the soft for business

I tap into my values to craft custom work healing paths for companies, leadership teams, and individuals. Compassion, curiosity, intuition, and optimism are foundational to my approach to identify + learn from the past, and build a path forward.

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