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On a mission to bring soul and femininity into the workplace through intentional culture design

My story

Culture designer,  storyteller,  

and nurturer

After experiencing sexism, gender pay inequality, and feeling forgotten, I started a new career in HR. For over a decade, I focused my energy on building inclusive employee experiences for tech companies. Now, I want to expand my philosophy, process, and imagination to other organizations and the next-gen of culture leaders. I find inspiration in people, the world, feminine cultures. I’m an intuitive storyteller, lifelong learner, and believer in 'What If'. 


My values


Honoring & cultivating the soft for business

Designing tech cultures that nurture the creativity, trust, empowerment, care, support, inclusion needed for employee innovation, loyalty, and ethical decision-making.




Meet Courtney

Courtney Branson founded a culture design firm to support people-centric workplaces. With roots in the award-winning cultures of Match Group and Square Root, Courtney empowers companies of all stripes to create intentional work cultures. Her ingenious and creative solutions to business challenges have been featured by Fast Company, Fortune, Great Place to Work, Inc., PEOPLE, and UNprofessional.


Courtney relishes her role as a mother and appreciates the empathetic + resilient perspective it affords. She enjoys writing poetry, gardening, and biking with her family.


Listen to Courtney's thoughts on culture

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