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What is culture design?

It’s an intentional approach to build company culture as a product + user experience. Inspired by business challenges, values, and team feedback, I design unique strategies rooted in data and humanness.

Why did you start consulting?

Everyone deserves a safe, inclusive, and growth-minded work environment. That's what I build; consulting allows for a broader impact.

Who is this for?

It’s for startups + companies reimagining or rebranding. Whether we begin from scratch or start with must-haves, together, we’ll create or evolve your company culture. 

Who benefits?

Employees want a culture that reflects them in it. Companies crave smart, energetic talent. Both benefit by supporting an inspired employee experience.

Why you?

I have an eclectic background in counseling, marketing, and HR mixed with a creative writing, history, and philosophy education. I weave these experiences together to craft notable + unique company cultures for companies such as and Square Root. 

What is it like to work with you?

Innovation in technology is all about a talented team and inventive culture that's just as cutting-edge as the products you seek to build. From me, expect honesty, intuition, creativity, gumption, and guidance.

Why do you like building company culture?

I believe everyone should feel safe at work, be free to be their authentic self, and grow in an environment without hate and prejudices. It’s hard to create these empathetic + feminine cultures while staying true to the company spirit. I can help.  

Can you do company sessions of your

mentorship programs?

Yes! If you’re seeking to cultivate emotional awareness at work, I speak about, train on, and implement company culture. The Culture Cohort and Self-Awareness Reflection can be shaped for a larger group or company to unearth company values, discover how to best work with each other, as well as crafting a more sensitive culture. 

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