Crafting a custom and intentional culture design experience

Operationalize your values

Intentional culture makes it easier to hire,  collaborate,  and build cool stuff together. I craft programs that bring company ideals,  values,  and goals to life. You know the tenets of your company,  but how do you make them real? Thats my touch𑁋 taking a word like curiosity and embedding its spirit into your team.

Crafted,  custom,  culture

What stories are you telling your team?

I help start-ups and small businesses (10-250 people) at every stage of their journey. 

Why work with me?

My magic

I channel intuition, creativity, and a fresh perspective to lead companies on a journey of discovery and transformation. Business tends to recycle the same “best practices” and copy + paste culture. Employees want something different. Together, we’ll tap into the wisdom of your team and breathe new energy into your company.

Where to start

Not sure where you're at? I offer a Starter Package of deep-listening activities with your team to unearth the gems, the concerns, and the nuanced experiences of your people. 

My values

Honoring and cultivating the soft for business

I design for tech. Intentional culture makes it easier to hire, include, and build cool stuff together. The right culture: 

  • nurtures the creativity, trust, and empowerment to innovate

  • it cares for everyone, especially the folk serving customers

  • and it imbues ethical decision-making into the core.