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Crafting a custom and intentional culture design experience

Operationalize your values

Intentional culture makes it easier to hire,  collaborate,  and build cool stuff together. I craft programs that bring company ideals,  values,  and goals to life. You know the tenets of your company,  but how do you make them real? Thats my touch𑁋 taking a word like curiosity and embedding its spirit into your team.

Crafted,  custom,  culture

What stories are you telling your team?

I help start-ups and small businesses (10-250 people) at every stage of their journey. 

Why work with me?

My magic

I channel intuition, creativity, and a fresh perspective to lead companies on a journey of discovery and transformation. Business tends to recycle the same “best practices” and copy + paste culture. Employees want something different. Together, we’ll tap into the wisdom of your team and breathe new energy into your company.

Where to start

Not sure where you're at? I offer a Starter Package of deep-listening activities with your team to unearth the gems, the concerns, and the nuanced experiences of your people. 

What people are saying

Kelsey Peterson,

Technical Recruiter

With every presentation, workshop, sensitivity training, and one-on-one coaching with Courtney, I feel excited about the work I do; learning more about my values + what makes me tick, uncovering the hidden biases I have, and how I want to contribute to the world, both in and outside of work.

Ryan Stevens,

UX Director

When Courtney came into Square Root and began implementing her ideas, experiments, and programs, she truly transformed it from your typical workplace to a special unicorn of companies. Courtney was the voice of everyone that worked there. Whether company-wide or behind doors to managers, she always spoke up for the team, even when it might be met with conflict. Her ability to empathize with how team members might feel or react to situations is amazing.

Mark Gorman,  Engineering Executive

Courtney is truly the best at what she does. I often think of the culture she created at Square Root as being years ahead of other similar companies, which perfectly matches what we are all striving for with our technology platforms. That sets the tone for how we recruit, how we develop folks, and how we interact.

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