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My name is Courtney


and I'm on a mission to bring soul & femininity into the workplace through intentional culture design.

Culture design, branding, mentorship

I will bring soul into

your workplace

Hi,  I'm Courtney -

culture designer,  storyteller,  nurturer

I believe everyone should feel safe and free to be their authentic self at work, to grow in an environment without hate. It’s hard to create an empathetic + feminine culture aligned to the company spirit. I can help.


What is culture design?

Culture design is an intentional act to articulate + operationalize your values. Imagine reading a story with no plot or attending an unplanned event. Working at a company without a purposeful experience is unpleasant. Culture design tells the story, plans the flow, and guides the employee experience. 


Good culture is created



Image by Marvin Meyer


Why design company culture?

Culture is a creative act. It’s building something influenced by the world, the company - values, vision, organization, the individuals - personalities, values, aspirations. There’s no right answer. I enjoy learning about a company + the individuals and crafting a unique + inspired employee experience.

My philosophies

Writings and essays

02.  Inclusive Language

03.  Mental health at work

01.  Guide to feedback

Image by Yoav Hornung
Model in Denim Jacket
Image by Jirasin Yossri

In a professional rut?

Schedule a Work Healing Session

With a mix of reflection, counseling, and coaching, we'll develop a restorative + authentic plan for you. 

Discover a new workplace culture

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